Hadar Nornberg lays her creative basis on various art forms. She is drawn to contemporary art, architecture, classical music, dance. Works of Walter de Maria, Donald Judd, Le Corbusier, Lucio Fabro, Beethoven and Pina Bausch are among her references.

Her tendency is to draw geometric shapes, play with reflections, use space, light and the dual nature of its (co)existence.
she treats the process as a mind game where each piece would marry another and create a new form and line.

Bauhaus, art deco and minimalism movement are a big source of inspiration since they correspond to her quest to expose the essential essence of the piece. The lines have a simple, refined outline yet generate force and apparent character.

The notion is to create pieces that have no sense of time yet respect time.

Through the use of matt fishing on the exterior of a piece and the shiny part inwards, the exposure of detail is accentuated.
As simple as most pieces appear to be, they are technically complex. Thus there is a merge of old traditional hand made methods with modern technics.



Swiss born Israeli designer, Hadar Michaëla Nornberg has lived and created in Tokyo, New York and Paris.

Being surrounded since her early years by arts and classical music, her creative soul found a path into jewelry design after studying in the internationally acknowledged Alchimia school in Florence, Italy.

She is now between Paris and Tel Aviv where she produces her own creations.